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If you've never heard of Pulsing Rhythmic Bodywork, don't be surprised. Although it has been around since the late 1970s it is not widely known, although it certainly deserves much greater public awareness as it is generally adored by those who experience it .

Pulsing is a rhythmic, rocking form of bodywork, a bodymind therapy that is energising, relaxing and a joy to receive. During a session the body is rocked, stretched, bounced, massaged... danced. Pulsing is about movement, energy, rhythm, aliveness, awareness, nurturing, support, connection - characteristics that have led it to be called the "tai chi of massage".

What is Pulsing?

  • Pulsing is a rhythmic, rocking form of bodywork
  • Pulsing is beneficial physically, mentally and emotionally
  • Pulsing is a deeply relaxing yet energising holistic therapy
  • Pulsing releases physical, psychological and emotional stress
  • Pulsing improves bodily flexibility, balance and co-ordination
  • Pulsing promotes movement and mobility
  • Pulsing helps you increase your sensitivity to your body
  • Pulsing allows you to rediscover your natural rhythms
  • Pulsing is nurturing and supportive
  • Pulsing stimulates energy, fun and aliveness
  • Pulsing is sometimes called the "tai chi of massage"

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