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Articles about Pulsing

  1. The joy of Pulsing by Richard Lawton
  2. Pulsing with Life by Silke Ziehl
  3. On Rhythm and Time in bodywork by Silke Ziehl
  4. Pulsing - touch with rhythmic movement by Guy Gladstone
  5. Pulsing - get rhythm! by Richard Lawton
  6. Feeling the Pulse by Steve Clifford

We welcome short articles (500-1000 words) from Pulsing practitioners about some aspect of Pulsing that will be of interest to fellow practitioners or of general interest to the public. We are also very happy to hear from members of the public about their experience of receiving Pulsing.

The article should not be used as self-promotion. We reserve the right to not publish any article deemed unsuitable for any reason.

All authors will retain copyright of their work. We are unable to offer payment for articles submitted.

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