The online home of Pulsing Rhythmic Bodywork: resources, information and the UK directory of Pulsing therapists

Pulsing is a bodywork modality that is not well-known in the UK. Yet it is arguably one of the very best: few others leave the receiver with such a feeling of profound relaxation allied with aliveness. It is too good to be a secret!

The Pulsing Associaton exists to promote Pulsing as a modality, to provide an online resource for information, and to offer a directory of practitioners (which is currently limited to the UK and the Republic of Ireland).

The practitioners listed in the directory are certified Pulsing practitioners. We cannot vouch for any other services they may offer. As with any therapy or treatment, members of the public are advised to satisfy themselves as to the credentials of any practitioner they are proposing to visit.

Please email us if you have any concerns about a specific practitioner.

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