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We want to promote Pulsing as a modality and get it far better-known among the general public. For this reason registration with is completely free of charge. A link to us on your website would be appreciated!

To add your name to the directory of practitioners, please read the following notes and then complete the registration form below.

Competences and mode of working

Pulsing trainings are usually open to the general public as a form of personal development. To be registered in the Directory as a professional practitioner you must also have trained in anatomy & physiology (for example, as part of another bodywork qualification). Pulsing may also be used as body-centred process work, so please indicate if you offer this service; to be registered for Process Work you must possess a qualification that provided a solid grounding in human psychosexual development and enables you to work safely with client regression, catharsis, dissociation and the like.

Training Level

The standard approach has required 50 hours of training to gain certification, and we consider this to be Practitioner level. Some massage schools offer a diploma in Pulsing to qualified massage therapists that is undertaken in a single weekend. While having no reason to doubt the quality of such training, the significant difference in hours means that we can only regard such qualifications as Foundation level. Foundation-level practitioners are still welcome to register.

Qualification details for verification

We prefer to verify the qualification of all those who are listed. If you wish to be marked on the directory as 'Verified' then please additionally email a copy of your Pulsing certificate(s) to This is not required for those trained by Guy Gladstone or Richard Lawton, as we have complete records of these.

There is no charge for inclusion in the Directory. Please note that registration is only open to those who have trained in the UK in the original form of Pulsing, and not in modalities based on Pulsing (such as 'Power of Softness Pulsing').

Code of Ethics

Practitioners may be members of other professional bodies with their own codes of conduct and ethics. If you are not, it is recommended that you adhere to the CNHC Code of Conduct, Ethics and Performance, whether or not you are a registered with the CNHC. (The Complementary & Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC) is the UK register for complementary healthcare practitioners that was set up with government funding and support. Their code of conduct represents best practice in the field.)

The Pulsing Association is not a regulatory body; however, practitioners may be subject to challenge if negative reports about their practice come to our attention. We reserve the right to remove a practitioner from the directory if we believe they are not fit to practice or are bringing Pulsing as a modaility into disrepute.

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