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Workshops & Training

Training workshops in Pulsing are normally open to anyone interested in this form of personal development, either as a one-off experience or as under the qualifying track. The workshops are usually a mixed attendance: individuals on a journey of personal growth and healing; professional bodyworkers (e.g. massage, shiatsu, yoga) wishing to qualify in a new modality; professionals in health and related fields (counselling and psychotherapy, for example) who wish to expand their awareness of somatic psychology.

If you are interested in working professionally as a Pulsing practitioner, please read the notes on professional training and practice here.


Richard Lawton - Bodymind Integration

Richard was trained by Guy Gladstone and as a Master practitioner by Silke Ziehl. He assisted Guy on the Bodyspace Pulsing trainings for many years and in 2016 took over when Guy retired as a Pulsing trainer.

Silke Ziehl - Entelia

Silke was one of the original students trained by Curtis Turchin, the originator of Pulsing. She is a highly experienced body psychotherapist and trainer at the Open Centre.

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